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Table 1 Clinical and endocrine profiles

From: Granulomatous hypophysitis: experience with eight surgical cases of a single center

Case No. Sex Age(years) Clinical manifestation Duration of symptoms(months) Hormone deficiencies Visual field defects Accompanied skull lesion
1 F 34 Headache, polyuria, weight loss, menstrual disorder 5 T3,T4,FSH,LH,P,E2, ACTH, cortisol, hyperprolactinaemia Bitemporal hemianopsia *N
2 F 57 polyuria, weight loss, menstrual disorder 24 T3,T4,ACTH, hyperprolactinaemia Bitemporal hemianopsia eosinophilic granuloma of the skull
3 F 32 polyuria, fatigue, amenorrhea 24 T3,T4, hyperprolactinaemia *NL N
4 M 35 polyuria, *ED 6 T3,T4, hyperprolactinaemia NL N
5 F 16 polyuria, dwarfishness, amenorrhea 7 NL NL N
6 F 48 Amenorrhea, weight loss 6 NL NL N
7 F 32 Polyuria, menstrual disorder 9 hyperprolactinaem NL N
8 M 34 polyuria, ED 8 T3,T4, hyperprolactinaemia NL N
  1. *ED erectile dysfunction, NL normal level; N no