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Fig. 3

From: Classification, mechanism and surgical treatments for spinal canal cysts

Fig. 3

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan showed multiple small cysts in sacral canal. The beadlike cysts showed very low signal intensity on T1-weighted images (a), and very high signal intensity on T2-weighted images (b). Two adjacent perineural cysts were showed on axial view (i, arrow showed the nerve root). Two cysts were found under microscope intraoperative (c, arrow showed the cysts). After opening the cysts, the nerve roots were found inside (d and f, arrow showed the nerve roots). Reconstructed nerve sheaths were performed (e and k, arrow showed the reconstructed nerve sheaths). Two weeks after surgical intervention, no residual cyst was observed in the sacral canal on T2-weighted images (g). Two reconstructed nerve sheaths showed on axial view (J, arrow showed the nerve root). One year later, no recurrent cyst was found on T2-weighted images (h)

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