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Table 1 The classification of the spinal canal cysts by different authors in literatures

From: Classification, mechanism and surgical treatments for spinal canal cysts

Author Year Journal Classification of the cyst Number of cases Special point
Hamamcioglu MK 2006 Eur Spine J arachnoid cyst 1 intradural and extradural
Nabors MW 1988 J Neurosurg spinal meningeal cysts 22 extradural cysts without spinal nerve root fibers (Type I) and with spinal nerve root fibers (Type II); and spinal intradural meningeal cysts(Type III)
Qi J 2014 Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment Spinal arachnoid cysts 81 Five types
Sun JJ 2013 Plos One Sacral extradural meningeal cysts 56 those with spinal nerve roots fibers and those without
Christophis P 2007 European Spine Journal juxtafacet cysts 53 synovial cyst and ganglion cyst
Chan AP 2010 J Orthop Surg Res ligamentum flavum cysts 3 embedded in the inner surface of ligamentum flavum
Arnold PM 2009 J Spinal Cord Med Neurenteric cysts 1 Bronchogenic cysts are a type of neurenteric cyst