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Table 1 Literature review from 2000 to 2015

From: Traumatic lumbar spondylolisthesis without facet fracture at L4/L5. A case report and literature review

Nb References Age/Sex (years) Mechanisms Clinics Imaging (MRI + CT scan) Treatment Outcome
1 Mori et al. 2002 [4] 32/F Road Traffic accident
Seat belt in an improper manner (vehicle driver)
-No motor deficit
-Severe pain in her abdomen and lower back
-No sphincter disorder
-Disruption of intervertebral disk and posterior longitudinal ligament at L4-L5
-Fracture of the right L4-L5 transverse processes
decompression and posterior stabilisation + lumbar interbody fusion -Good
2 Lin et al. 2009 [5] 41/M Work accident (Container fell onto his back) -Lower limb Hypertonia
-hyporeflexia of the knee and ankle reflexes
-reduction sensation over his right lateral leg
-low back pain
-Saddle anaesthesia
-Fracture of the anterior-superior corner of L5 associated with a Chance-type fracture
-dislocation through the L4/5 disc space and bilateral perched facets with grade 2 spondylolisthesis of L4 on L5.
grade-2 spondylolisthesis of L4 on L5 and a fracture of the left transverse process of L4
posterior stabilisation
+lumbar interbody fusion
-Delayed urinary retention
3 Cordero-Abadía et al. 2012 [6] 18/M Road Traffic accident Member deficit motor of inferior -Spondylolisthesis at L4-L5 grade I-Fracture of trensverse + spinous process L4 descompression and posterior instrumentation inferior member motor deficit at 2/5. -Good
4 Im et al. 2012 [7] 37/M Work accident (held down by aniron plate weighing 2000 kg) Grade 4 numbness in his right posterolateral thigh dorsiflexion -Epidural hematoma at the L2 to L5 level and L4-L5 disc disruption
-Bilateral L4-5 facet dislocation in which the L4 inferior articular process was localizated to the anterior of the L5 superior articular process
Open reduction and stabilization interspinous ligaments and ligament flavum were partially torn and the L4-5
Facets were locked The dislocation was reduced by resecting the superior facet of L5 and laminectomy of L4 was carried out.
-interbody fusion with cages, +Fixation epidural hematoma
5 Present case report 2015 33/M Vehicle driver Motor deficit
Unary retension
-Spodylolisthesis L4-L5
-Facets were locked
-No fracture of facet
Reduction by resecting the superior facet of L5 + laminectomy of L4. Posterior fixation interbody fusion with cages -Good
  1. Literature review from 2000 to 2015 CT Scan/ MRI Magnetic resonance imaging