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Table 1 Studies demonstrating the efficacy of MSC-based therapies for the treatment of ischemic stroke in rodent models

From: Mesenchymal stem cell-based therapy for ischemic stroke

Author Type of Cells Stroke model Delivery Effect Histology Outcomes
Brenneman, M BM-MSC (Rat) CCAO/MCAO 24 h Y TCC, TUNEL, DAPI, Fluorescein Decreased infarct
Chen J BM-MSC (Rat) MCAO 24 h Y H&E, Y chr, TUNEL Increased rotarod, adhesive
Chen, JR BM-MSCs (Rat) MCAO Immediate Y Nissel, GFAP, GalC, MAP2, Tuj1, BrdU Decreased infarct
Doeppner TR BM MSC & Exosomes (Human) MCAO Days 1,3,5 Y cresyl violet, Neun, BrdU Increase rotarod, tightrope
Goldmacher, GV BM-MSCs (rat) MCAO Immediate Y TTC, HNA, GFAP, CD11 Decreased nMSS
Fernandez, M Adipose-MSC (Human, Rat) Permanent MCAO 30 mins Y H&E, TUNEL, GFAP. VEGF, SYP, DAPI Decreased cell death
Honma, T MCS-Telomerase (Human) MCAO 12 h Y H&E, TTC. Beta-gal, NeuN, GFAP Decreased infarct, inflammation
Koh, SH UC-MSC (Human) MCAO 2 weeks Y Neun, SNE, GFAP, nestin Decreased nMSS
Li Y BM-MSC (Human) MCAO 1 day Y H&E, NeuN, MAP-2, GFAP, vWF, TUNEL Decreased mNSS
Lim, JY UC-MSC (Human) MCAO 72 h Y TTC, NeuN, GFAP, DAPI, TUNEL Decreased infarct
Liu, N BM-MSC-SVV (Rat) MCAO 26 h Y TCC, NeuN, GFP Decreased infarct
Nomura, T BM-MSC-BDNF (Human) MCAO 6 h Y TCC, Beta-gal, NeuN, GFAP Decreased infarct
Quittet MS BM-MSC-PAM-VEGF (Rat) MCAO 24 h N BrdU, NeuN, GFAP, CASP2, DCX, Ki67 No Difference
Wei, L BM-MSC (Rat) MCAO 24 h Y BrdU, NeuN, MAP2, GFAP, Tuj1, lba-1 Increased rotarod
Yamauchi T BM-MSC (Human) Permanent MCAO 7 days Y Tuj-1, NeuN, GFAP Increased rotarod, radial maze
Yang C BM-MSC-HIF1a (Rat) MCAO 6 h Y TTC, CD105 Decreased infarct, nMSS
Toyoshima, A BM-MSC (Rat) MCAO 24 h Y DAPI, Q-Tracker, TCC Decreased infarct, nMSS
Xin. H BM-MSC (Rat) MCAO 24 h Y BDA-DAB, NF-200, SYP Decreased adhesive, foot-fault
Xin. H BM-MSC (Mouse) MCAO 24 h Y Nissl, Luxol, SYP, Apo-TAG Increased neurites, plasticity
Lowrance, SA BM-MSC (Rat) MCAO 7 days Y Hoescht, GFAP Decreased SORT