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Table 2 The characteristics of 5 patients who received palliative embolization

From: Dissecting aneurysms of the distal segment of the posterior cerebral artery: clinical presentation and endovascular management

No. Age/Sex Location size Symptom Periprocedural Complication Angio F/u (m) Recurrence Re-Trx Re-Trx modality Clinical F/u (m)/outcome
3 51/F P2-3 junction/L Large Headache None 3 Yes Yes PAO 10/GOS = 5
11 44/F P2/R Large SAH, Hemiparesis (L) Hemiparesis aggravation 1 Yes Yes PAO 3/GOS = 4
12 30/M P2-P3/L Large SAH None 2 Yes Yes PAO 84/GOS = 5
13 40/F P2/L Large SAH Bleeding 0 0/GOS = 1
20 66/M P3/R Large SAH None 2 Yes Yes PAO 6/GOS = 5
  1. Abbreviations: PAO parent artery occlusion; GOS Glasgow outcome scale; SAH subarachnoid hemorrhage; F/u follow-up; Trx treatment