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Fig. 1

From: Hemispheric developmental venous anomaly draining into a vein of Galen varix: a case report and literature review

Fig. 1

Axial CT (a) showed a high-density circular lesion (2 cm in diameter, black arrow) in the quadrigeminal cistern. The dilated inferior sagittal sinus (arrow head) could also be observed. Axial CT angiography (CTA) images (b, c) showed a present falcine sinus (black arrow), a “caput medusae” (white arrow) and a collecting vein beside the lateral ventricle (arrow head). In the sagittal CTA image (d), the present falcine sinus (black arrow) and the vein of Galen varix are clearly visualized. The double straight sinus can be observed, and the inferior one can be found with stenosis (*)

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