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Table 1 Summary of the literature on patients with hemispheric developmental venous anomaly

From: Hemispheric developmental venous anomaly draining into a vein of Galen varix: a case report and literature review

Authors/Year Sex/Age (years) Site of the DVA Presenting features Diagnosing methods Imaging features Follow-up
Aagaard, 1999 [4] M/33 Right Seizures, Hemangiomas throughout the face MRI, DSA Enlargement of VG, straight sinus and torcular herophili NR
Uchino, 2001 [5] M/48 Right Dizziness MRI, DSA Cerebral hemiatrophy, hypoplastic straight sinus 2 years
Casey, 2011 [6] M/12 Right Headache MRI Tortuous draining vein terminating in straight sinus NR
Jung, 2013 [7] F/33 Left Epilepsy MRI Skull atrophy NR
  1. DSA digital subtraction angiography, F female, M male, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, NR not reported, VG vein of Galen