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Fig. 1

From: A new endovascular treatment of a recurrent giant proximal basilar aneurysm after coiling

Fig. 1

Left vertebral angiography demonstrated a 43 mm × 31 mm aneurysm of lower basilar trunk directed to caudally and to the right, with a 15 mm × 18 mm residual lumen and a 6 mm aneurismal neck. Diameter of the afferent and efferent artery was 3.5 mm and 4.1 mm, respectively. Robust inflow vector into the aneurysm was also noted (thick arrows), which directed to the caudal right aspect of the aneurysmal sac so that previously packed coils were compacted within the caudal portion of the aneurysm. Bilateral common carotid artery angiography showed no abnormal findings and absence of posterior communicating arteries (not shown), and right vertebral angiography revealed an intracranial V4 segment occlusion (not shown)

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