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Fig. 5

From: Treatment of tiny intracranial aneurysms with guidewire manipulation

Fig. 5

a-h Case 3: A patient in his sixteen presented with severe sudden headache 2 months after head trauma. Frontal (a) and Lateral (b) projection of left internal carotid artery showed a very small blister-like aneurysm arising from the proximal portion of internal carotid artery perforator, and another aneurysm at the cavernous portion of internal carotid artery. After embolization of the cavernous aneurysm, the distal blister-like aneurysm continued to fill after deployment of 2 stents (c). Frontal projection of left internal carotid artery without subtraction (d) and Roadmap (e) showed microcatheter was navigated again to the pedicle of the aneurysm assisted by the Traxess-14 guidewire (f). Immediate disappearance of the aneurysm (g) was noted. Follow-up DSA was performed 6 month later (h), confirming no residual aneurysm filling

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