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Fig. 1

From: Interstitial pneumonitis during rituximab-containing chemotherapy for primary central nervous system lymphomas: a case report and review of literature

Fig. 1

a, b MRI enhancement revealed: on the right side of the thalamus a block of long T2 long T1 signal can be seen,the boundary is clear, the range is 44 × 40 × 34 mm. Enhanced scanning showed inhomogeneous enhancement. Massive edema can be seen around the lesion. The third ventricle was compressed,bilateral ventricles dilated. Midline shift left slightly. c, d MRI enhancement after surgery and 5 cycles of R-MAD chemotherapy showed: right side of the occipital skull and soft tissue post operation change. The right lateral ventricles triangle and the temporal angle were irregular enlarged, the ventricular wall was less structured

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