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Table 2 Summary of Clinical Features and Epidemiological of 11 Reported Dumbbell-Shaped Epidural CM

From: Spinal dumbbell-shaped epidural cavernous hemangioma (CM): report of nine surgical cases and literature review

Author Age/Sex Location Presentation Therapy Resection Intervetebral foramen MRI features FU
Rovira (1999) 51/F L3–4 LBP, Sciatica Hemilaminectomy Not dilated Iso Hyper HO Improved
Franz (1987) 23/M T3–4 Paraplegia Laminectomy Total Dilated Improved
Morioka (1986) 50/M T2–3 Hypesthesia Laminectomy + thoracotomy Total Not dilated
Haimes (1991) 46/F T3–4 Hypesthesia Laminectomy + thoracotomy Total Mild dilated Iso Hyper Improved
Uchida (2010) 75/M T11–12 Leg weakness, pain Laminectomy + foraminotomy Total Not dilated Iso Hyper HO Improved
Lanotte 1994) 27/F T1–2 Hypesthesia Arthrolaminectomy Total Dialated Hypo Hyper HO Improved
Feider (1991) 50/M L3–4 Sciatica Total Not dilated Iso Hyper HO Improved
Padovani (1982) 75/M T3–6 Gait disturbance Laminectomy Partial Not dilated Improved
Fukushma (1987) 54/M T7–8 Paraplegia Laminectomy Total Not dilated Improved
Harringto (1995) 37/F L3–4 Leg numbness and pain Hemilaminectomy Subtotal Not dilated Iso HE Improved
Yunoki (2015) 77/F L2–3 Hypesthesia Foraminotomy Subtotal Mild dialated Hypo Hyper HO Improved
  1. Abbreviations: LBPLow-back pain