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Fig. 1

From: Pediatric brain arteriovenous malformation unfavorable hemorrhage risk: extrapolation to a morphologic model

Fig. 1

bAVM morphologic model predictive of unfavorable hemorrhage. Type I based on periventricular and non-temporal location with or without long draining vein (purple color) (a and b). Subtype Ia based on corpus callosum, basal ganglia or thalamus adjacent to ventricle; Subtype Ib were based on frontal, parietal, occipital lobe or cerebellum adjacent to ventricle; Type II (c) were with long pial draining vein and based on non-periventricular location (frontal, parietal or occipital lobe or deep location) or temporal lobe; Type III (d) were also based on non-periventricular location or temporal lobe but without long draining vein

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