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Table 1 Summary of reported cases of ODS following craniopharyngioma surgery

From: Caudal and Lentiform nuclei Myelinolysis following Endoscopical surgery for pediatric Craniopharyngioma: two cases report and literature review

Case Authors Year Age and Gender Surgical approach Initial symptoms MRI Medication Outcome
1 I Kawahara et al. [4] 2009 18/F _ Seizure, quardrip-aresis CPM _ Completely recovered
2 S Tsutsumi et al. [5] 2008 3/F Endoscopic cystostomy Seizure and coma CPM EPM _ Vegetative state
3 NA Sai Kiran et al. [6] 2014 6/M Left pterional caniotomy GTE Opisthotonic posturing EPM Syndopa, trihexyphenid-yl, baclofen recovered
  1. Abbreviations: F: Female, M: Male, CPM: Central pontine myelinolysis, EPM: Extrapontine myelinolysis, −: Not mentioned/not available, GTE: Gross total excision