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Table 1 Scalp arteriovenous fistulas in different series

From: Intravascular embolization versus surgical resection for patients with scalp arteriovenous fistula

Study No Patients Etiology(T/I/C) Feeder Drainage Fistula(S/M) Surgery(E/R/P)
Ni W et al. [1] 3 T, C, C STA OA, STA OA FA, STA STV, STV, STV S, M, M E, E, E
Cil B et al. [5] 2 I, T STA OA, STA STV S P, P
Feng Z et al. [20] 1 T STA ACA EJV S R
Hee J Ki et al. [10] 1 T STA STV S R
Katsunori A et al. [6] 1 T STA STV S R
Xue B et al. [2] 1 T STA SOA OA PAA STV M R
Champeaux et al. [22] 1 I STA STV S R
Dabus G et al. [4] 3 I, I, I ECA, OA, STA SFV, SS, STV S, S, S E, E, E
Yang M et al. [16] 3 C, T, C STA, STA, STA STV SV, STV, SV SOV S, S, S E, R, R
Anna M et al. [23] 1 T STA SV S E
Youn SW et al. [13] 1 T OA MMA STV S P
Dalyai RT et al. [3] 1 C OA SV EJV S E
Dogan S et al. [14] 1 I STA STV S E
Senoglu M et al. [18] 1 C ECA SS S P
Miekisiak G et al. [24] 1 T STA OV S R
Corr PD et al. [21] 1 T OA SS TS S R
Feng Li et al. [11] 1 T STA STV S R
Whiteside et al. [19] 1 T STA SV S E
Kim DM et al. [7] 1 C STA SV S E
Amlashi SF et al. [12] 1 I STA STV S R
  1. T trauma, I iatrogenic, C congenital, STA superficial temporal artery, OA occipital artery, SOA supraorbital artery, SS sigmoid sinus, TS transverse sinuses, ECA external carotid artery, FA facial artery, PAA posterior auricular artery, MMA middle meningeal artery, EJV external jugular veins, SFV superficial frontotemporal vein, Sv scalp veins, SOV superior ophthalmic veins, OV occipital vein, S single, M multiple, E embolization, R resection, P puncture