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Table 1 The result of literature review about cases of hemophilic pseudotumor

From: The diagnosis and treatment strategy of occipital skull mass in hemophilic patients: a rare case report and literature review

First authorYearDeficit factorLocationSizeTraumatic history
Killby D [20]1972VIIITemporal5–6 cmY
Horton DD [12]1993VIIIParietalNonY
Sim KB [13]1996VIIIParietal5 × 2 cmY
Conde F [6]2006VIIIParietal5 × 3 cmN
Inoue T [2]2008IXFrontal> 3 cmN
Zafar T [9]2008VIIIFrontal20 × 16 cmY
Kashiwazaki [10]2012VIIITemporalNonN
Zhang [21]2014VIIIBi-temporalNonY
Our present case2017VIIIOccipital9 cmY