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Fig. 1

From: Isolated cerebral aspergillus abscess as a complication of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in a child

Fig. 1

a Plain CT chest showing bilateral diffuse miliary ground glass opacities. b MRI brain showing T2 hyperintense ring-enhancing lesion in the left superior parietal lobe suggestive of an abscess. c H&E × 40 Abscess wall with dense acute inflammatory exudates. d H&E × 400 showing multiple filamentous septate hyphae with acute angle branching. e H&E × 400 numerous fungal hyphae embedded in the exudates. f Silver methenamine stain × 400 demonstrating grey black colored fungal organisms. g PAS stain × 400 showing magenta colored organisms. h Sabourad dextrose agar demonstrating greenish blue colonies with white edges classical for A. fumigatus. Lactophenol cotton blue stained smear demonstrating fruiting bodies

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