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Table 3 Neurosurgery education system according to individual countries

From: Review of global neurosurgery education: Horizon of Neurosurgery in the Developing Countries

Country Vietnam Mongolia Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Sri Lanka India Nepal Pakistan Thailand Uzbekistan Bangladesh Cambodia
No. of training center 10i 1b 8 2 4h 10 3 59g 4f 22 11 4 4k 1
Uniform curriculum No No Yes No NK Yesd Yes Yes Yes Noa NK NK NK Yes
Types of neurosurgery education Apprenticeship   Yes        Yesc      
Structured Yes Yesb Yes Yes Yes Yesd Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesj
Gen surgery requirement (years)  No Yes (3)b Yes No No Yes (1)   O Yes      
Years of training 3 3 5.5 2 + 4 3e1 4–5 7 3d1 or 5d2 3d1 3–5a 5 3 or 4 5 4
Local sub specialization (years) (3) NK Yes No (3)e2 NK NK Yesg Yes NK NK NK NK NK
Fellowship or oversea attachment (duration) Yes Yes Yes (6 months) No Yes (3 months)e Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WFNS accredited training center (number of center) No No Yes (1) Yes (1) No No No Yes (1) No Yes (1) No No No No
Own neurosurgery journal No No Yes Yesl No Yesm Yesm Yes Yesl Yes No No Yes No
  1. NK not known, O optional
  2. aRefer to [7]
  3. bRefer to [2]
  4. cRefer to [8]
  5. dRefer to [4]
  6. d1With general surgery
  7. d2Without general surgery
  8. eRefer to [9]
  9. e13-year M.Med.Sc in neurosurgery
  10. e23-year doctorate program (Dr.Med.Sc.)
  11. fRefer to [10]
  12. gRefer to [11]
  13. hRefer to [6]
  14. iRefer to [12]
  15. jOnline curriculum through University of Toronto
  16. kRefer to [13]
  17. lJournal of Neurosciences
  18. mJournal of Neurology