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Table 1 Definition of Markwalder’s Grading Scale-Glasgow Coma Scale

From: Expert consensus on drug treatment of chronic subdural hematoma

Patient’s grade GCS Markwalder’s Grading Scale
Grade 0 15 Normal neurological status without symptoms
Grade 1 15 Without neurological deficits, but with symptoms such as headache or unsteady gait
Grade 2 13–14 Focal neurological deficits, such as drowsiness or disorientation, or variable neurological deficits, such as hemiparesis
Grade 3 9–12 With stupor but appropriate responses to noxious stimuli and several focal neurological signs such as hemiplegia
Grade 4 < 9 Coma with absent motor responses to noxious stimuli and decerebrate or decorticate posturing
  1. Only patients with grade 0–2 CSDH were selected for atorvastatin treatment in this study