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  1. Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) poses a risk of opportunistic infections with a variety of organisms with Nocardia being the most common pathogen followed by mycobacteria and fungi.

    Authors: Rachna Khera, Venkateswara Rao, Mohan Krishna Pasam, Ravindranath Tagore, Sudha S. Murthy and Challa Sundaram
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:17
  2. Various computed tomography (CT) appearances of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) were associated with different prognosis and the patients with large intracranial hematoma will have adverse outcomes, bu...

    Authors: Baoqiang Lian, Linsun Dai, Xueling Xie, Dezhi Kang, Guorong Chen, Huangcheng Shangguan, Peisen Yao and Shufa Zheng
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:18
  3. Posterior circulation intracranial aneurysm (IA) treatment remains challenging, due to the anatomy of the area and the high rupture possibility. Endovascular treatment seems to be more suitable for these aneur...

    Authors: Eleni Tsianaka, Abdullah Al-Shawish, Alexander Potapov, Kostas Fountas, Michael Spyrou and Nikolay Konovalov
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:16

    The Publisher Correction to this article has been published in Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:21

  4. Autophagy is an intracellular degenerative pathway which is responsible for neuronal survival. Under the condition of nutrient deprivation, autophagy can lead to dysfunction in memory consolidation. AMPK/mTOR ...

    Authors: Hao Zhang, Zujian Xiong, Qin He and Fan Fan
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:14
  5. The detection of a feeder aneurysm and an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is relatively rare for the intracranial AVM. The distal posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm (DPICAAn) is reported to coexist...

    Authors: Takaya Yasuda, Yoshinori Maki, Ryota Ishibashi, Yoshitaka Kurosaki, Masaki Chin and Sen Yamagata
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:15
  6. Surgical interventions including ventriculostomy and ventriculo-peritoneal shunt were usually administrated in pineal germ cell tumor patients with symptomatic hydrocephalus. Considering higher sensitivity of ...

    Authors: Bo Li, Youqi Li, Chunde Li, Yanwei Liu, Shuai Liu, Xiaoguang Qiu and Shiqi Luo
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:13
  7. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive neurophysiologic technique that can stimulate the human brain. Positioning of the coil was often performed based merely on external landmarks on the hea...

    Authors: Xiaojing Fang, Meige Liu, Changyu Lu, Yuanli Zhao and Xianzeng Liu
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:12
  8. About 10 million individuals suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year in the world, which is one of the most serious neurological disorders. The morbidity of TBI is 55.5~6.1/100,000 in China, which t...

    Authors: Qiang Hao, Jian Zheng, Yue Hu and Hao Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:11
  9. A large craniotomy is usually the first choice for removal of traumatic acute subdural hematoma (TASDH). To date, few studies have reported that TASDH could be successfully treated by twist drill craniostomy (...

    Authors: Pei-kun Huang, Yong-zhong Sun, Xue-ling Xie, De-zhi Kang, Shu-fa Zheng and Pei-sen Yao
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:10
  10. Many neurophysiological diseases during infancy stage are associated with the morphology and size of the lateral ventricle. This research aims to measure the normal value range of lateral ventricle volume of n...

    Authors: Zheng Lu, Jintao He, Yaxiong Yu, Zhicen Li, Zhi Li and Jian Gong
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:9
  11. In this retrospective single-center study, we presented our experience in the microsurgical management of incompletely coiled or recurrent aneurysms after initial endovascular coiling.

    Authors: Jun Wu, Xianzeng Tong, Qingyuan Liu, Yong Cao, Yuanli Zhao and Shuo Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:7
  12. The accuracy and safety of pedicle screw insertion was markedly improved with the introduction of intraoperative three-dimensional navigation system during the last decade. This study aimed to evaluate the acc...

    Authors: Linkai Jing, Zhenze Wang, Zhenxing Sun, Huifang Zhang, James Wang and Guihuai Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:6
  13. Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) is the most common malignant brain tumor characterized by poor prognosis, increased invasiveness, and high relapse rates. The relative survival estimates are quite low in spite of ...

    Authors: Lei Wang, Buqing Liang, Yan Icy Li, Xiang Liu, Jason Huang and Yan Michael Li
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:2
  14. Brain metastases are significant causes of morbidity or mortality for patients with metastatic cancer. With the application of novel systematic therapy and improvement of overall survival, the prevalence of br...

    Authors: Qi Liu, Xuezhi Tong and Jiangfei Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:1
  15. Scalp arteriovenous fistula (sAVF) is a rare vascular disease; so far, the standard guidelines for the treatment of sAVF are still unclear. Since its complex vascular anatomical structure, surgical management ...

    Authors: Jianfeng Zheng, Zongduo Guo, Xiaodong Zhang and Xiaochuan Sun
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2019 5:3
  16. Preservation of anatomic integrity and function of the cranial nerves during the removal of skull base tumors is one of the most challenging procedures in endoscopic endonasal surgery. It is possible to use in...

    Authors: A. N. Shkarubo, I. V. Chernov, A. A. Ogurtsova, V. E. Chernov, O. V. Borisov, K. V. Koval and D. N. Andreev
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:38
  17. Facial nerve paralysis in patients occurs in varying degrees of self-image disorders, both physically and mentally, resulting in low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and even suicide; however, there were few ...

    Authors: Qian Li, Pengwei Lu, Yanzhu Fan, Lei Wang, Fei Yao and Diya Su
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:37
  18. The surgical spinal degenerative pathology mainly concerns the herniated intervertebral disks. Surgery is indicated when the pain becomes chronic and intense, and when motor signs appear. The results are posit...

    Authors: Domenico Chirchiglia, Pasquale Chirchiglia and Domenico Murrone
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:40
  19. Pineal cysts (PCs) are a benign lesion of the pineal gland that have been known to the medical community for a long time. With a prevalence rate of approximately 1% in the general population, PC is often a rea...

    Authors: Martin Majovsky and Vladimir Benes
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:33
  20. There is associating with incidence of unfavorable outcomes compared to microsurgical clippings. We are in order to investigate the outcomes of microsurgical clipping for intracranial aneurysms and determine t...

    Authors: Cai-Qiang Huang, De-Zhi Kang, Liang-Hong Yu, Shu-Fa Zheng, Pei-Sen Yao, Yuan-Xiang Lin and Zhang-Ya Lin
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:39
  21. The purpose of this study is to report the treatment approaches and postoperative outcomes of extracranial carotid artery aneurysms (ECAAs) and discuss the symptoms, related risk factors, etiology, diagnostic ...

    Authors: Maimaitituersun Abudula, Aximujiang Axier, Kaheerman Kadeer, Xiaojiang Cheng, Taotao Dou, Atawula Tuersun, Mierzati Tuerhong and Maimaitili Aisha
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:35
  22. Hyperdynamic therapy, also called triple-H therapy, is the standard treatment and prophylaxis for aneurysmal-associated vasospasm. In patients who are able to tolerate cardiopulmonary stressors induced by this...

    Authors: Alankrita Raghavan, Jordan Xu, James M. Wright, Christina Huang Wright, Benjamin Miller and Yin Hu
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:34
  23. Until recently, tumors of the clivus and the anterior region of the posterior cranial fossa were considered extremely difficult to access and often inoperable using standard transcranial approaches. With the i...

    Authors: Alexey N. Shkarubo, Konstantin V. Koval, Ilia V. Chernov, Dmitry N. Andreev, Alexey B. Kurnosov and Andrey A. Panteleyev
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:36
  24. Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumors consists of small round cell neoplasms, inclusive of primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET), Askin’s tumor, and PNET of the bone. Extraosseous Ewing’s sarcoma occurs commonly a...

    Authors: Kalimullah Jan, Eraj Khursheed Khan and Inamullah Khan
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:31
  25. Inhibition of CD4 T cells reduces stroke-induced infarction by inhibiting neuroinflammation in the ischemic brain in experimental stroke. Nevertheless, little is known about its effects on neuronal survival si...

    Authors: Hongfei Zhang, Xiaoxing Xiong, Lijuan Gu, Weiying Xie and Heng Zhao
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:32
  26. Recurrent, previously stented basilar trunk aneurysms pose significant challenges to either microsurgical clipping or traditional endovascular treatment. We here presented an intriguing case that was successfu...

    Authors: Fei Liang, Yupeng Zhang, Yuntao Di, Feng Guo and Chuhan Jiang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:27
  27. Most adult trauma protocols suggest that where there has been a dangerous mechanism of injury or the patient exhibits abnormal physiology, CT scan is the primary radiological investigation. Other patients who ...

    Authors: Jason Yuen, Wisam Selbi, Lucy Lee and Tim Germon
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:29
  28. Although coagulopathy have been proved to be a contributor to a poor outcome of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH), the risk factors for triggering coagulation abnormalities have not been studied after ...

    Authors: Guo-Rong Chen, Pei-Sen Yao, Chu-Bin Liu, Huang-Cheng Shang-Guan, Shu-Fa Zheng, Liang-Hong Yu, Yuan-Xiang Lin, Zhang-Ya Lin and De-Zhi Kang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:28
  29. Pipeline embolization device (PED) has proved its safety and efficacy in the treatment of intracranial large and giant side-wall aneurysms. With the accumulation of treatment experience, it is an inevitable tr...

    Authors: Yupeng Zhang, Peng Yan, Yuntao Di, Fei Liang, Yuxiang Zhang, Shikai Liang and Chuhan Jiang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:25
  30. The ExcelsiusGPS® (Globus Medical, Inc., Audubon, PA) is a next-generation spine surgery robotic system recently approved for use in the United States. The objective of the current study is to assess pedicle s...

    Authors: Bowen Jiang, A. Karim Ahmed, Corinna C. Zygourakis, Samuel Kalb, Alex M. Zhu, Jakub Godzik, Camilo A. Molina, Ari M. Blitz, Ali Bydon, Neil Crawford and Nicholas Theodore
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:23
  31. A pituitary tumor is a tumor with a high incidence among brain tumors. Microscopic traditional STT approach with aid of endoscope has a high therapeutic effect and few complications.

    Authors: Yunchol Pak, Xuejun Yang, Yongdok Kim, Chanhong Jong, Haksong Kim, Namhyok Lee, Songgun Kim and Yongchol Kim
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:22
  32. The transcription factor Homeobox C8 (HOXC8) is overexpressed and regulates many important genes involved in the proliferation and invasion of many malignant tumors. However, the function of HOXC8 in gliomas rema...

    Authors: Tingyu Liang, Xiaoxuan Wang, Peiliang Li, Yang Cao, Enshan Feng and Gan You
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:24
  33. The pineal region tumors are surrounded by important structures. Neuroendoscopy has been increasingly used at home and abroad. This study is to simulate pure neuroendoscopic infratentorial supracerebellar appr...

    Authors: Yuanlong Zhang, Dezhi Kang, Changzhen Jiang, Xiaorong Yan, Zhangya Lin, Yuanxiang Lin, Xiyue Wu and Chenyang Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:18
  34. Craniopharyngioma is a kind of intracranial benign tumor that is primarily treated with surgery. At present, a variety of surgical approaches are used for tumor resection. We have conducted a comparative analy...

    Authors: Chongshun Zhao, Zhouqing Chen, Na Xu, Tao Xue, Xin Wu, Wanchun You, Yun Zhu and Zhong Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:16
  35. In superficial temporal artery-to-middle cerebral artery (STA-MCA) bypass surgery, indocyanine green video angiography (ICG-VA) is usually used to verify bypass patency. Less-commonly reported is the ability t...

    Authors: Hiroaki Matsumoto and Yasuhisa Yoshida
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:20
  36. Multiple arachnoid cysts are very rare within the central nervous system. The cysts will sometimes increase in size with age, lead to the mass effect or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow obstruction, and cause so...

    Authors: Di Chen, Jun Zhang, Lixin Wu, Xueyuan Li, Siqi Ma, Xuqiang Zhu and Dongming Yan
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:19
  37. Children with brain arteriovenous malformations (bAVM) are at risk of life-threatening hemorrhage contributing to unfavorable neurological deficit in their early lives. Our aim was to propose a classification ...

    Authors: Zongze Li, Li Ma, Chunxue Wu, Jun Ma and Xiaolin Chen
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:15
  38. The extrapontine myelinolysis (EPM) of osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS) is a rare and dangerous disorder of the central nervous system. The mechanism is not fully understood and the treatment is controvers...

    Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Lian Ying Jiang, Wen Hao Zhang and Tao Hong
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:21
  39. Primary intraventricular hemorrhage is an uncommon cause of stroke and is often associated with longstanding, uncontrolled hypertension. Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction is also an uncommon condition chara...

    Authors: Katarina Dakay, Ryan A. McTaggart, Mahesh V. Jayaraman, Shadi Yaghi and Linda C. Wendell
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:11
  40. There are controversies concerning the natural history of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) in literature and it is not clear which AVMs should be treated and which should be just observed. Objective criteria...

    Authors: Athanasios K. Petridis, Maxine Dibue-Adjei, Jan F. Cornelius, Marian Preetham Suresh, Lan Li, Marcel A. Kamp, Yousef Abusabha, Bernd Turowski, Hans Jakob Steiger and Rebecca May
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2018 4:13

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