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Table 1 Cases of intracranial 6th nerve schwannomas published in the literature

From: Schwannoma of the 6th nerve: case report and review of the literature

No. Reference Age Sex Symptoms Location Consistency Approach Removal VI recovery
1 Chen [4] 46 F 6th, headache CI Solid Suboccipital Total Partial
2 Leunda et al. [5] 10 M 5th, 6th, headache CI-CA Solid Subtemporal Total Paresis
3 Hansman et al. [6] 58 M 6th CI-CA Solid ? Partial Paresis
4 Ginsberg et al. [7] 47 F 5th, 6th, 7th headache, vertigo CI-CA Cystic ? ? ?
5 Tung et al. [8] 35 M 6th CI-CA Cystic Frontotemporal Total Paresis
6 Tung et al. [8] 45 F 6th CI-CA Mixed Frontotemporal Subtotal Paresis
7 Barat et al. [9] 49 F 3rd, 5th, 6th CA Cystic Frontotemporal Subtotal Paresis
8 Lanotte et al. [10] 62 M 3rd, 5th, 6th headache CA Solid Frontotemporal Total Paresis
9 Okada et al. [11] 54 F 5th, 6th, headache CI Mixed Transcondylar Subtotal Paresis
10 Beppu et al. [12] 66 M 5th, 6th, tinnitus, vertigo, hypoacusis CI Solid Suboccipital lateral Partial Paresis
11 Ichimi et al. [13] 61 F 5th, 6th CI Cystic Suboccipital lateral Total Paresis
12 Suetake et al. [14] 31 F 5th, 6th, hypoacusis CI Cystic Suboccipital lateral Subtotal Partial
13 Lo et al. [15] 19 M 3rd, 6th, headache CA Solid Subtemporal Subtotal Paresis
14 Acharya et al. [16] 40 F 6th CI-CA Solid Subtemporal Subtotal Paresis
15 Nakamura et al. [17] 42 M Headache, vertigo, hypoacusis CI Solid Suboccipital Total Complete
16 Nakagawa et al. [18] 47 F 5th, 6th CA Solid Anterior transpetrosal Total Complete
17 Mascarenhas et al. [19] 39 F 6th, headache, exophthalmos CA Cystic Orbitozygomatic Subtotal Paresis
18 Erlich et al. [20] 26 F 6th, headache CI-CA Mixed Suboccipital Subtotal Paresis
19 Vachata and Sames [21] 60 M Hypoacusis vertigo, headache, falls CI Cystic Anterior transpetrosal Total Complete
20 Park et al. [22] 36 M 6th CI-CA Cystic Suboccipital Total Complete (anastomosis)
21 Wang et al. [23] 68 M Vertigo, headache CI-CA Solid Suboccipital Total Partial
22 Present case 14 F 6th CI Solid Subtemporal Subtotal Paresis
  1. F female, M male, CI cisternal type, CA cavernous type, CI-CA cisternocavernous type, 3rd oculomotor nerve, 4th trochlear nerve, 5th trigeminal nerve, 6th abducens nerve, 7th facial nerve, ? Not described in the literature