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Table 1 Review of the literature in the treatment and outcome of primary spinal cord oligodendroglioma

From: Primary spinal cord oligodendroglioma: a case report and review of the literature

Authors/Year Age (year)/Sex Symptoms Location Histology Treatment Outcome
Fortuna et al. [4] 32/F LBP, paraparesis T10-T11 Oligo Bx NA
Guidetti et al. [5] NA/F NA NA Oligo PR 3 years, death
Pagni et al. [7] 13/M Kyphoscoliosis, painful sensation involved at neck and shoulder and tetraparesis IM at C5-T2 Oligo PR 2 years, improvement
Wang et al. [8] 3/M Scoliosis Thoracolumbar AO PR and RT NA
Nam et al. [11] 38/M Scoliosis, and monoparesis of right lower limb IM with syringomyelia along T4-conus medullaris AO PR and RT 50 months, no progression of tumor
Ushida et al. [12] 12/M Scoliosis, hypesthesia of legs, Hyperreflexia of legs IM with syringomyelia at C7-T12 Oligo 1st PR -10 months, recurrence of tumor
-2nd PR and RT
Gilmer-Hill et al. [13] 4/M Irritability, Hypotonia, ataxic gait Primary intramedullary oligodendroglioma at C6-T1 with gliomatosis Oligo -1st cerebellar, occipital Bx (Spondgliform cerebellar degeneration)
-2nd temporal Bx (Oligodendrogliomatosis)
-3rd spinal Bx (Oligodendroglioma) and CMT
-10 months after CMT, recurrence at temporal lobe
-4th PR and RT
-4 months after RT, recurrence at occipital lobe
-5th PR and CMT (AO)
-7 months after surgery, stable disease
Fountas et al. [16] 16/F Neurogenic bladder, left ankle weakness and sensory deficit of S1 nerve root on the left. IDEM with extension at T11-L2 AO TR 28 months, no recurrence of tumor
Gürkanlar et al. [17] 56/M Bilateral leg pain IDEM at L1-L2 with parital invasion of conus Oligo TR NA
Ramirez et al. [18] 22/M Paresthesia, LBP and left Brown-Sequard syndrome IM with hematomyelia at C5-C7 AO PR and RT 2 years, brain metastasis
Wang et al. [19] 18/F Low back pain, lower limb weakness, hypalgesia below level T5 IM with syringomyelia at T8-T10 AO 1st PR and RT -8 months, tumor recurrence
-2nd PR and TMZ
-1 year after TMZ, no recurrence of tumor
Present case 46/M Neck pain, left arm weakness, suspended sensory deficit at C5-T1 levels IM with syringomyelia at C3-T4 Oligo PR and RT -1 year, tumor recurrence
  1. Abbreviation: AO Anaplastic oligodendrogliomma, Bx Biopsy, C Cervical, CMT Chemotherapy, F Female, LBP Low back pain, IDEM Intradural extramedullary, IM Intramedullary, M Male, NA Not available, Oligo Oligodendroglioma, PR Partial resection, RT Radiotherapy, T Thoraic, TMZ Temozolomide, TR Total resection