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Table 3 Reported cases of simultaneous or collision astrocytoma and meningioma

From: Astrocytoma simultaneously present with Meningioma-a report of two cases and review of the literature

N. cases Author(year) Age/Sex Location of meningioma Location of astrocytoma Clinical presentation Radiological diagnosis Pathological diagnosis Treatment (after first operation. month)
1 F.
Maiuri et al. [1]. (2005)
68 F Flax (posterior third left) Right temporal Asymptomatic (T.I.A with ischemia) MRI Low-grade astrocytoma Two-stage removal (12 mo.)
2 65 M Flax (anterior third left) Left-frontal Generalized epileptic seizure CT WHO grade II astrocytoma One-stage removal, irradiation
3 Goyal et al. [31] (2003) 34 F Tentorial Right frontal Generalized tonic clonic seizure and headache MRI Anaplastic astrocytoma
Transitional meningioma
Two-stage removal (10 day)
4 Prayson et al. [3] (2002) 87 F Right frontal lobe Right frontal lobe Progressive left hemiparesis urinary incontinence MRI Malignant astrocytoma Syncytial meningioma One-stage removal
5 Spallone et al. [7] (1991) 47 M Right parieto-occipital Right temporo-parietal Generalized seizures and intellectual impairment CT Astrocytoma (WHO II) Psammomatous meningioma Two-stage removal (15 month) chemotherapy
6 48 F Cavernous sinus Left paraventricular Headache and confusion CT Malignant astrocytoma
Stereotactic biopsy-irradiation-chemotherapy
7 Dario. A et al. [9] (1995) 58 F Parietal parasagittal Right temporal Progressive mental deterioration seizures CT Anaplastic astrocytoma Two-stage removal (22 mon.)
8 Arnetoli. G et al. [32] (1983) 44 M Right parasagittal Right parietal Fainting spells of epileptic nature CT
Carotid angiography
Protoplasmic astrocytoma angioblastic meningioma One-stage removal
9 Khalatbari et al. [33] (2010) 12 M Left ventricular trigone Left ventricular trigone Headache nausea seizures MRI Anaplastic astrocytoma (WHO grade III) One-stage removal
10 Tokunaga, T., et al. [34] (1991) 69 F Right parietal lobe Right parietal convexity Partial seizure of the left arm CT
Carotid angiography
Moderately differentiated astrocytoma One-stage removal irradiation
11 Zhang et al. [35] (2015) 39 M Left lateral ventricular trigone Left lateral ventricular trigone Headaches and dizziness CT
Malignant meningioma
One-stage removal
Gamma-knife radiotherapy