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Fig. 2 | Chinese Neurosurgical Journal

Fig. 2

From: Chinese specialist consensus on imaging diagnosis of intracranial arterial dissection

Fig. 2

Double-lumen sign on digital subtraction angiography. a Inflow of contrast agent in the lumen of the V4 segment of the right vertebral artery is separated by an intimal flap (arrow), resulting in the double-lumen view. b The whole dissecting aneurysm is filled by contrast agent in the late arterial phase. c 3D rotational angiography outlines the external contour, divided into the true lumen and the pseudolumen (arrow). d Selective angiography after a microcatheter tip has been advanced just into the pseudolumen show the pseudolumen and posterior inferior cerebellar artery branching from the distal part of the aneurysm (arrow), confirming the existence of two lumens

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