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Table 2 Lists of 13 infected cases

From: Shunt infection in a single institute: a retrospective study

cases sex age*1 pathography shunt operation before symptom onset time after shunt bacteria treatment outcome
1 male 57 ventriclar neoplasms V-P resection coma,fever 23 days epidermidis Staphylococcus remove shunt device bad
2 male 65 none V-P none fever 2 months Staphylococcus sciuri antibiotics good
3 male 26 head injury V-P hematoma evacuation fever,obstruction 5 days Staphylococcus aureus lumbar darinage bad
4 male 39 none V-P external ventricular drainage headache 22 days not clear take out peritoneal tube bad
5 female 23 head injury L-P hematoma evacuation, lumbar drainage fever 16 days Baumanii antibiotics good
6 male 49 head injury V-P debridment, hematoma evacuatiom fever 1 months Staphylococcus capitis remove shunt device good
7 male 45 head injury V-P none peritonitis,headache 4 months*2 not clear remove shunt device good
8 female 51 none V-P none shunt exposed,pus 2 months not clear debridment good
9 male 34 head injury V-P hematoma evacuatiom fever,obstruction 6 days Staphylococcus anreus lumbar darinage bad
10 male 64 head injury V-P hematoma evacuatiom fever,peritonitis 8 days Enterococcus faecium remove shunt device,ventriculo-artial shunt good
11 male 43 cerebellar hemorrhage,AVM V-P external ventricular drainage,posterior fossa decompression fever 10 days Staphylococcus aureus antibiotics bad
12 male 37 head injury L-P hematoma evacuatiom headache 2 months Staphylococcus aureus remove shunt device,debridment,V-P good
13 female 54 none V-P none fever,shunt exposed 20 days epidermidis Staphylococcus remove shunt device good
  1. *1: The unit for age is year
  2. *2: In this case, an appendicitis was diagnosed and underwent an appendectomy 10 days before the onset time