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Table 2 Demographics of patients with EEG

From: Electroencephalographic features in pediatric patients with moyamoya disease in China

NumberGenderAgeSymptomIschemic stroke on MRISPECT hypoperfusionCTP hypoperfusionRevascularizationEngel’s classification
1M8Cerebral infarctionBoth FPBoth FPTNot doneEDAS; MBH-
2M11TIARight FPO, left OBoth HBoth HMBH bilaterally-
3M5TIA, SGTCSRight POBoth HNot doneEDAS bilaterallyI
4F9TIA-Not doneBoth FPBypass bilaterally-
5F7TIA-Not doneLeft FTEDAS unilaterally-
6F14TIA-Not doneBoth FPTBypass bilaterally-
7F12TIA, SGTCS-Not doneBoth FPTBypass+EDAS unilaterallyI
8M6Headache, TIA-Right basal ganglia, right thalamusBoth FP, right TEDAS bilaterally-
9F5TIA-Right FNot doneEDAS bilaterally-
10M17SGTCS, SPSLeft PLeft TP, both ONot doneBypass+EDAS unilaterallyI
11F4TIALeft FPLeft FPTNot doneEDAS bilaterally-
12M7TIA, SGTCSBoth FBoth FP, left basal gangliaBoth FBypass bilaterallyI
13M7TIA-Not doneLeft FPOBypass+EDAS unilaterally-
14F15TIA, SGTCS-Not doneBoth FBypass+EDAS; bypassI
15F9TIA, SGTCSBoth FNot doneBoth FP, right TBypass+EDAS; bypassI
  1. M, male; F, female; TIA, transient ischemic attack; SGTCS, secondarily generalized tonic-clonic seizure; SPS, simple partial seizure; SPECT, single photon emission computed tomography; CTP, computed tomography perfusion; F, frontal; P, parietal; T, temporal; O, occipital; EDAS, encephaloduroarteriosynangiosis; MBH, multiple burr holes