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Table 5 Sub-group analysis of the FOG prevalence in general PD patients by the quality of included studies, date of study conduction, and geographical region

From: The prevalence of freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease and in patients with different disease durations and severities

 Number of studiesPrevalence95% CIP valueHeterogeneity, %
Quality score     
 14-15840.0%31.8-48.2%< 0.00192.5%
 16-171039.7%32.6-46.8%< 0.00190.1%
 18-19440.1%28.0-52.3%< 0.00194.5%
Geographic region     
 Europe941.7%34.1-49.4%< 0.00193.0%
 Asia342.9%28.9-56.8%< 0.00190.7%
 United States633.5%22.8-44.2%< 0.00193.4%
Year of study conduction     
 2007-20151140.1%33.6-46.6%< 0.00194.3%
 2016-20191139.7%32.9-46.6%< 0.00186.0%
  1. FOG freezing of gait, PD Parkinson’s disease