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Table 4 Multivariate analysis

From: Initial leucocytosis and other significant indicators of poor outcome in severe traumatic brain injury: an observational study

VariableOR (95% CI)p value
Age (mean)0.94 (0.89–0.99)0.04
GCS ≤ 6 on arrival0.12 (0.02–0.78)0.02
Midline shift on initial CT9.0 (0.91–88.4)0.06
Leucocyte count (mean) (109/L)0.71 (0.52–0.99)0.04
Pupils (fixed/unequal)1.00 (0.01–1.01)0.98
  1. Variables with p < 0.05 in the univariate analysis are fitted into the above logistic regression model